Reveller’s drug deal plan leads to court

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NEWS: News.

A drug-dealer who was caught in a Chesterfield pub with Mcat powder has been threatened with jail if he re-offends.

Derby Crown Court heard this month how Calvin Taunton, 21, of St James’ Close, Chesterfield, bought the drug for £20 and hoped to double his money by selling it when he was detained by door staff at Yates’ bar in the town centre.

Recorder Sarah Wright told him: “Drugs are dangerous. Supplying cannot be tolerated. You said you would not take the drug yourself and this was purely a money-making venture. I’m not sure whether that makes your offending better or worse.”

Taunton pleaded guilty to having a class B controlled drug with intent to supply after the incident on March 14.

Siward James-Moore, prosecuting, said Taunton bought the drug earlier that day for £20 and he planned to sell it to anyone who asked for drugs but Yates’ door staff found the Mcat.

Annette Thomas, defending, said: “He purchased it to fund an evening out with friends in Chesterfield. He has been incredibly naive and was not thinking about the consequences.”

Mrs Thomas added that Taunton was supported by family and shortly hoped to find work. Recorder Wright sentenced him to a four-month prison term which was suspended for a year providing he does not re-offend.