'Repeat offenders' dumped dying foal in Chesterfield, says horse charity

"It's the same offenders time and time again," that is what a horse charity has said after a dying foal was left abandoned in Chesterfield.

Help for Horses has told the BBC that it believes that the foal dumped in off Staveley Road, in Duckmanton, could be connected to eight other horses which were abandoned in Nottinghamshire this year.

The foal found in Chesterfield.

The foal found in Chesterfield.

The charity said that the foal was put down after being found as its health deteriorated quickly.

Vet Janice Dixon, of Help for Horses, said: "A small percentage of horse owners are despicable lowlifes and it's the same offenders time and time again."

She also added that all of the abandoned animals have had piebald patterning and some animals were suffering from the same stomach disease.

Leading her to believe that the abandoned animals are linked.

The charity has said it expects more animals to be abandoned by the same people and is asking residents to be vigilant.

The RSPCA is leading the investigation into the abandoned foul which was found on May 16.

Nottinghamshire Police are still investigating other incidents which happened in February and March.

A spokesman said it was "painting an intelligence picture of what is happening within the community".

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