Police switched to other forces

POLICE from South Yorkshire have been sent to bolster overstretched forces in London, Manchester and Nottingham.

Officers on annual leave were asked to cancel their time off, but managers were emphasising there were still “plenty” available to respond should trouble erupt locally.

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Holt said although a “fairly sizeable deployment” of officers had been sent to the aid of other forces, policing South Yorkshire was “of paramount” importance.

He said yesterday (Wednesday) there had been no serious trouble locally since rioting began in London on Saturday - “one or two little bits and pieces that have come to out attention - gathering of youths for example - but we have quickly dispersed them.”

ACC Holt added: “The people of South Yorkshire have been fantastic - I see lots of support for the rule of law and order. At the moment parents are taking responsibility for their children in South Yorkshire, which is heartening to see.”

Officers spent another day yesterday monitoring social networking sites to look for users posting messages intent on inciting violence, and the police helicopter hovered over the city, looking for gatherings of people or signs of trouble.