Police remind residents about security


POLICE in Bolsover have given out more than 1,000 leaflets reminding homeowners to be security conscious.

Officers from the Bolsover Town Safer Neighbourhood Team posted leaflets to homes with insecurities such as open windows and valuable items left on display.

Homes on Bolsover Hill, Ridgedale Road, Horsehead Lane Estate and Conduit Road were visited by officers on Monday (August 1).

Seven homeowners with insecurities were given DNA property marking kits.

They also spoke to around 40 people who had left items on display in their cars including an ipod and sat nav cradle.

During July there were 20 thefts from vehicles and of those 17 involved offenders seeing items inside the vehicles and then breaking a window to take what they could see. In the other three incidents the vehicles were left insecure.

PCSO Ben Perry, of the Bolsover Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Our message is quite simple. Very few thefts from vehicles happen where nothing has been left on show, so don’t leave valuables visible in your vehicle and, if at all possible, don’t leave them in there at all.

“Your home is also much less likely to be broken into if it is secure and items are not left in view of prying eyes.”

For more information about your local Safer Neighbourhood Team contact Derbyshire police on 0345 123 3333 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.