Police promise clampdown on Bolsover community hall nuisance teenagers

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Police in Bolsover are vowing to step up patrols in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) around the town’s Assembly Hall.

PC Peter Harley and PCSO Ben Perry have received reports over recent weeks around nuisance and disruptive behaviour at the 
Assembly Hall on Hill Top.

PCSO Perry said: “We have received reports of young people congregating around the area and disrupting meetings that are taking place inside by running into the building and causing damage.

“Anyone who is not attending a meeting or group at the Assembly rooms should not be there. We are hoping to get this issue tackled as soon as possible.”

Officers will be carrying out increased patrols and speaking to those responsible, while considering setting up diversionary activities.

The team has apprehended three members of public for disruptive behaviour and officers are looking to focus on issuing acceptable behaviour contracts and restorative justice.

To contact your local team, call 101 and follow @BolsoverSNT on Twitter for updates.