Police “legal highs” warning after potentially fatal substance found in Chesterfield

Legal highs.
Legal highs.

Police are again warning people about the dangers of taking “legal highs” after the discovery of a substance in Chesterfield that is connected to deaths in Europe.

On April 28, police were called to a house in Chesterfield to reports that a man had collapsed after taking drugs.

Officers attended and a substance was seized.

Following tests, the substance was actually found to be MDMB-CHMICA, which is reported to be involved in the deaths of two people and the hospitalisation of three other people in Germany between September, 2014 and January, 2015.

The substance was also found after police were called to an incident in Derby city centre on March 26.

A large number of different substances are sold under the term “legal highs” or NPS (new psychoactive substances).

One group is synthetic cannabinoids, which are smoked and users hope will have similar effects to cannabis itself, MDMB-CHMICA is one of these.

Despite the deaths linked to these substances it is still legal to possess them in this country.

Steve Holme, central drug reception manager for the force said: “Synthetic cannabinoids are sold under a variety of different brand names, however the contents of each brand regularly changes and just because a user has not had any adverse reaction to a particular brand once, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen next time.

“Put simply, you cannot rely on the labelling on packets, or on the brand name if you choose to use one of these substances.

“The brand name “Black Mamba” is particularly confusing.

“The original contents of this brand were made a controlled drug by the Government in 2012 but not all items sold as “Black Mamba”, or any other brand name, will contain the same substances.

“Police advice to users is that when you buy any of these products you are taking a gamble with your health. You can never know exactly what is in them and you do not know whether the contents are safe to take.”

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