Police in Derbyshire town warn residents after series of vehicle crimes

Police have urged residents in a Derbyshire town to be cautious following a spate of vehicle crimes.

Saturday, 28th May 2022, 11:10 am

Dronfield Safer Neighbourhood Team have reported a number of incidents of vehicle crime in the town and its surrounding areas, as well as on the Derbyshire-South Yorkshire border.

Officers have issued the following safety advice to residents in the town. These points were given to Derbyshire Police by a known criminal, who said the following are things he looks for when breaking into a vehicle:

Keep doors locked and do not leave windows open

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Residents have been issued advice by Dronfield’s policing team.

Do not leave any valuables on display

Remove sat navs from display and wipe the mark from the window where it has been secured

If you intend to leave items in the vehicle, place them in the boot rather than the glove box or under the seat

Put away charging cables and put the cigarette lighter back in its place

Leave the glove box open and sun visors down to show there is nothing hidden

Do not leave any bags, clothing or loose change on display.