Police discover 14 per cent more cannabis plants in South Yorkshire

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More than 21,500 cannabis plants were seized by police from properties across South Yorkshire last year.

Newly released figures have shown that, across the region last year, 21,731 cannabis plants were confiscated by officers – an increase of 14 per cent compared with the 19,089 plants found in 2013.

More than 456,000 cannabis plants were seized by police forces across the UK in 2014, a fall of 10 per cent on the previous year.

A third of police forces have seen an increase over the year, of 40 per cent on average.

The seizures in South Yorkshire, equated to 6,638 cannabis plants per million households – the third highest number in the United Kingdom.

Detective Inspector Graham Bulmer, lead for drug prevention at South Yorkshire Police, said the force is working to take illegal substances off the region’s streets.

He said: “South Yorkshire Police is proactive in tackling the use of and supply of drugs in our communities.

“A number of proactive initiatives have been carried out by police and partners to take drugs off the streets of South Yorkshire and make our communities safer.

“We have also encouraged reporting of drug use and supply in our communities and when we receive information and intelligence we always take action.”

The figures were released from Direct Line for Business to warn tenants about the damage cannabis farms can cause to their property.

The company has seen claims for damaged ceilings, walls which have been knocked through, severe water damage and fires, all due to the production of cannabis.

The most seizures – 59,002 – were made by the Metropolitan Police force.