Police and Chesterfield FC meet with youngsters in the fight to reduce football hooliganism

Derbyshire Constabulary’s football police officers have teamed up with youth officers from Derbyshire County Council and Chesterfield Football Club to help teenagers realise the risks and consequences of football related disorder and violence.

Saturday, 20th April 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Saturday, 20th April 2019, 3:14 pm
Police have joined forces with Chesterfield FC in the fight to stamp out football hooliganism among youngsters.

Around 15 young people and their parents came to an orgainsed meeting on April 8 at the Proact Stadium last week where they learned about the history behind football disorder and cases were discussed where incidents have led to people being injured, killed or jailed as a result.

Youngsters, who have been identified as being at risk of getting involved in football related disorder and those who have been involved in incidents, were invited to the event.

Representatives from Chesterfield Football Club and the community trust also spoke about how disorder can affect the reputation of the club.

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They also highlighted the positive activities and projects that young people can get involved with at the club.

The event was fully supported by the Chesterfield Football Club Community Trust charity.

PC Dave Wright said: “There is an emerging issue nationally and also locally around anti-social behaviour and younger people at football fixtures, and we are committed to educating, safeguarding and preventing these young people from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and offending at football matches across Derbyshire.

“We hope that by working to educate and raise awareness of the potential but very real consequences and risks of football related disorder that we can help young people to make the right choices, which could prevent them from going to court as the result of their actions and protect them and others from harm.”

He added: “Our football policing unit works tirelessly with all football clubs in the county to help ensure the safety and enhance the match day experience for fans attending games in Derbyshire.”

Those interested can follow the work of the football policing unit for Chesterfield Football Club matches on Twitter, @SpireitesPolice.