Parents said Amber Peat lied about her stepfather punishing her but her father accuses stepdad of treating the inquest as a joke

Amber Peat’s mother and stepfather branded her a liar after she claimed she was emotionally abused in the months before she hanged herself.

Danny Peat denied he made Amber scrub the floor at 1.30am. Amber’s biological father accused him of treating her inquest ‘as a joke’

Amber Peat

Amber Peat

Amber’s mum Kelly Peat and stepfather Danny Peat both said Amber had told teachers lies when she said her stepdad had punished and humiliated her.

When Danny Peat told his side of the story at Nottingham coroner’s court, assistant coroner Laurinder Bower questioned if he was claiming Amber had been dishonest, made false accusations and he was unable to control her.

He said he didn’t want to use that kind of language, but said she had told lies.

She was an attention seeker, but he said these incidents had just been ‘blips’ and they had generally got on well. He could not shed any light on why she would want to take her life in 2015.

Step-father Danny Peat

Step-father Danny Peat

He said the only things he had done to discipline Amber when she misbehaved was to ask her to wash the pots or not allowed her to use her mobile phone or tablet.

There was nothing to explain shy she ran away or did what she did.

He had no idea why she was lying and that was why the couple had been asking for help from professionals.

The coroner questioned why when he had nor been in the family home Amber had not run away.

Amber told teachers at Queen Elizabeth school Mansfield she had been punished and humiliated by her stepfather in the months leading up to her death.

They said Amber had turned up to school saying he had made her wear grey jogging bottoms to make her look ridiculous.

He said he had no knowledge of what had happened and had not been there.

Kelly Peat earlier told the inquest Amber had been getting ready to go to school and her school trousers had been muddy. She said she told Amber to find something else and her daughter had picked the jogging bottoms herself.

“She wouldn’t take them off she could be headstrong like that,” she said.

He said Amber had lied when she said he had made her get out of bed and stay up until the early hours after doing chores.

Kelly Peat told the inquest she had been asked to wash the pots after tea and it was time for bed. Danny had told her she had missed something and she came back downstairs. “That was it,” she said.

On another occasion she said she had been made to take her things to school in a carrier bag as punishment. He had not told her to do that either, he said.

Kelly peat explained that Amber’s bag had been broken and she had told her just to grab anything for that day - it had not been a punishment.

She said Amber was capable of putting on a performance and telling outright lies at times.

She said: I don’t know why she would tell a lie. “ When I asked her why, sometimes she would deny saying it and when she admitted it she would just say “I don’t know.”

She added:“For making allegations she was spoken to and what the consequences might be. We always had this thing where we ended with a clean slate.”

During cross examination Amber’s biological father said to Mr Peat:”I think you have approached this inquest as a joke.

“Making Amber wash dishes all he time - did you ever consider her wellbeing?”

Mr Peat replied I was involved in Amber’s life - I saw her as a daughter. I considered her wellbeing all the time.”