Owners couldn’t afford vet treatment for their infection-riddled dog, court hears

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A dog endured skin and eye infections – because its owners could not afford to pay for veterinary treatment.

Dana Levick and John Wishart each admitted causing unnecessary suffering to their English Bull Terrier, Blade, at Chesterfield magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

An RSPCA inspector visited the couple’s home in Woodford Way, Barrow Hill, on April 29, the court heard.

John Sutcliffe, prosecuting for the animal charity, said: “The dog had a severe skin condition.

“It was missing large parts of fur and had visible open sores on its head – it was always scratching itself.

“It had fleas and mites in its coat.

“In addition, the dog had conjunctivitis and an eyelid was curled inwards because of infection.”

The animal was “extremely thin”, Mr Sutcliffe added.

Wishart was threatened with arrest for contempt of court after speaking to his partner while Mr Sutcliffe was giving his evidence.

Robert Sowter, mitigating, said a “lack of money” meant the couple could not afford veterinary treatment for Blade.

Wishart told magistrates: “There were five of us in the house to feed.

“We were struggling.”

He insisted there was always enough food for Blade.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Levick and Wishart will be sentenced on September 16.

• Blade was taken off Levick and Wishart by the RSPCA. He is now doing well and is due to be rehomed.