'Outrageous' - uninsured driver with no licence stopped in Bolsover after four children found 'overloaded' in back of car

Police stopped an 'outrageous' motorist in Bolsover who was driving with four children in the back of the car, including one in the foot well.

The driver was found to have no licence, no insurance and no MOT.

Picture by Bolsover and Clowne SNT on Facebook.

Picture by Bolsover and Clowne SNT on Facebook.

Bolsover and Clowne Police added: "And to top it off overloading four children in the rear, one sat in the foot well.

"We can not emphasise enough get your documents in order, look after your siblings, get them in the correct seats and belted in appropriately.

"The consequences if involved in collision don’t bear thinking about. A possible fatality prevented."

The driver was reported and vehicle seized.

The incident happened in Stanfree, in Bolsover.