Online surgery for victims of sexual violence

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An online discussion giving young people the chance to speak to experts about sexual violence is being held next week.

A county-wide sexual violence online surgery for young people is to take place on Thursday, 5th February between 5pm and 9pm.

The surgery is being run by Derbyshire Constabulary and participants will be able to chat and ask questions anonymously by logging onto The panel will send their response either in the chat session, through a private conversation for those who want to talk confidentially or they can call SV2, a support service for victims of sexual violence, at any time on 01773 746115.

The surgery will cover all aspects of sexual violence affecting young people, or their siblings, partners, friends or family. An increased awareness of the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship, how to manage sexual pressures and what consenting means as well as support services which will feature throughout the online surgery.

Sexual violence is about unwanted behaviour perceived to be of a sexual nature that takes place without either consent or understanding. This includes assault, threat or deception to procure sexual activity, incest and/or rape. Local support services are available to offer help and advice so victims don’t have to suffer in silence.