OAP assault by care staff

A NURSING home assistant is behind bars after a court heard how she tightened a skirt around an 80-year-old resident’s throat and threatened her.

Jenny Glossop, 45, of Central Walk, Brimington, was jailed for three months for the assault on Barbara Hagues at Whittington Care Centre, Chesterfield.

Colleague Martinique Bannon was also handed an eight week sentence, suspended for a year, after putting her hand over the dementia patient’s mouth to keep her quiet.

Chesterfield magistrates heard care worker Kaye Wilkinson reported the incident to her line manager after been “upset and disgusted” by the incident on January 5.

Miss Wilkinson and Glossop were initially dressing the resident and pulled a skirt over her head, intending to pull it down to her waist.

Prosecutor Angela Hadfield said: “Miss Wilkinson said the victim was not the most compliant of residents and was shouting and swearing and digging her nails into their hands.

“Jenny Glossop held the waistband tightly against her throat and said: ‘Hit me again and it’ll be the last thing you do’.

“Martinique Bannon then came and put her hand over the complainant’s mouth as if to silence her.”

Glossop and Bannon, 21, of Birstall Close, Newbold, denied assault but were convicted following a trial. Bannon must also do 120 hours unpaid work, with £200 costs. Both have been sacked.

Presiding magistrate Pat Boyle told them: “A care home should be a safe environment for vulnerable people.

“There was hostility towards the victim, degradation of the victim and an abuse of power.

“Both of you were in positions of trust and had a duty of care. Families of residents place their trust in people such as you.”

Probation officer Gerry Starnes told the court Glossop had worked in the industry for 18 years and known the victim two months.

He added: “She says she suffered a three-inch scratch during the incident but this was a normal part of her work.

“It is felt that she lost her temper due to a stressful situation and reacted inappropriately. She continues to deny the assault.”

Mr Starnes said Bannon denied placing her hand directly on the victim’s face and still believed she had done nothing wrong.

“The torrent of verbal and physical abuse they suffered caused them to lose their temper. It was a difficult situation,” said Joe Harvey, for Glossop.

Sean Conway, for Bannon, added: “It’s a taxing environment. She had limited experience and it was an ill-judged action. Fortunately, there was no injury and the victim has no memory of it.”