NORTH WINGFIELD: Reveller spared jail after attacking couple

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

A DRUNKEN reveller who attacked her friend and her friend’s partner following a night-out has narrowly escaped going to prison.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard this month how Nikky Keith, 26, of Chesterfield Road, North Wingfield, had been out in the town centre with friend Lisa Barker but because of Keith’s drinking Miss Barker decided to go home.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Mahon said: “The complainant got her boyfriend Peter Harrison to collect her and they went to Miss Barker’s and the defendant turned up shouting at the door.

“Miss Barker opened the door and Keith came into the kitchen, picked up table mats and threw them at Mr Harrison. Miss Barker tried to get the defendant to leave but Keith pushed her over. Mr Harrison tried to get to Miss Barker and Keith threw a punch and he grabbed her to restrain her and said Keith lunged towards him and she bit him hard for ten or 15 seconds through clothing near his arm pit.”

Keith told police she had been drunk and could not remember why there had been an argument. Defence solicitor Robert Sowter said Keith was remorseful.

Keith pleaded guilty to the two assaults committed in April. Magistrates sentenced her to eight weeks of custody suspended for 12 months and ordered her to pay £75 compensation.