Lorries swerve to avoid driver topping up with ‘emergency can’ after running out of fuel on M1

A driver was slapped with a ticket for leaving his vehicle in a dangerous position by Derbyshire police officers after running out of petrol on the M1.

Monday, 26th August 2019, 12:49 pm

Derbyshire Roads Police tweeted about the incident, which happened yesterday (Sunday, August 25).

The male driver ran out of fuel in lane one and attempted to top up with an ‘emergency can’ as lorries and other vehicles swerved to avoid him.

The car was later towed to safety with assistance from Derbyshire Armed Response Unit and Highways East Midlands.

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Responding to comments left on social media about the incident, officers said: “Plenty of comments as usual on issuing tickets for running out of fuel.

“1. Drivers are adults who need to take responsibility for their own actions. 2. Would you pass your driving test if you ran out of fuel? 3. All Lane Running was not our idea. 4. We don’t earn money from fines.

“Public interest? Absolutely met. There must be a deterrent to putting others in danger.

“We’ll bring the fatal collision files and photographs from similar cases to court if a defence wants to argue public interest.”

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