Litter-lout smoking cabbie fined

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

A Chesterfield taxi driver has been left £470 out of pocket for flouting anti-smoking and littering laws.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard this month how Anthony Roe, 49, of Gower Crescent, Loundsley Green, was caught smoking in a private hire vehicle on Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, in June, by one of Chesterfield Borough Council’s enforcement officers.

The officer said he was behind Roe’s vehicle on Chatsworth Road when he saw him smoking. The officer also saw Roe throw the cigarette butt onto the road.

Roe claimed he had been smoking an electronic cigarette but the court rejected this explanation. He was fined £100 for the smoking offence and £150 for littering and ordered to pay £200 costs and a £20 a victim surcharge. Roe originally refused to pay a £60 penalty littering notice. The council had not offered a smoking notice because Roe had previously committed the same offence.