Hit-and-run driver left cyclist injured near Shirebrook

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A hit-and-run motorist knocked a cyclist down and left him injured as he drove away.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, March 4, how Pawel Mizera, 24, had been driving on Common Lane between Pleasley and Shirebrook when his vehicle struck off-duty police officer and cyclist Alexander Harvey.

Becky Allsop, prosecuting, said: “There was a flow of traffic and Mr Harvey was overtaken and felt a sudden impact and his handlebars twisted. He rolled along and his right thigh, knee and elbow hit the road and he scraped his left knee. The car driver did not stop.”

Paramedics helped Mr Harvey and, according to Mrs Allsop, he needed three days off work to recover. Mrs Allsop added that Mizera handed himself within two hours of the incident and told police he had not allowed for oncoming traffic before overtaking and he had panicked. He told police he was a provisional licence holder.

Mizera, of Alcock Ave, Mansfield, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after the incident on January 3.

Defence solicitor Gavin Hague said: “He was driving home from work at Sports Direct in Shirebrook and his brother-in-law was supervising his driving. It was an error with a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. He would like to apologise.”

Magistrates fined Mizera £230 and he must pay £85 costs and a £23 victim surcharge. His licence was endorsed with eight points.