'Grow up and fight real crime': police criticised for seizing tiny cannabis grow in Derbyshire

Police have been criticised for seizing a 'small' cannabis grow in Derbyshire.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 2:35 pm
Picture by Bolsover and Clowne SNT.

Officers made the find in Creswell last night and arrested a man and said more would follow.

Bolsover and Clowne Police Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "No matter how small the grow is, it is illegal to grow or be in possession of cannabis."

But some people criticised the police on the Facebook post.

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One man wrote: "Grow up and fight real crime."

Another man posted: "Why not actually do public service and keep the community safe? I've got some weeds in my garden too, will you come and take them please?

"People trying to hijack people's cars in Barlborough, people's houses being robbed, stabbings, muggings.. This is stuff that actually harms people and could cost someone their life and your concerned over a bit of weed."

Another person added: "Why can't you catch real criminals."

And another person added: "Pathetic... Do you cops not get sick of enforcing this law and wasting your time? It's a plant for God's sake."