GRASSMOOR: Father and son jailed after burglaries

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A trader felt like shutting up shop after a father and son tried to raid her home during a Chesterfield crime spree.

Derby Crown Court heard how Gail Blamire and husband John were woken by their dogs barking at their store on Berry Street, North Wingfield, and found a screwdriver wedged into a door.

A 27-month jail term was imposed on Paul Hodgson, 38, of Tennyson Way, Grassmoor, and his 18-year-old son Paul got two years’ custody.

Mrs Blamire said in a statement she had suffered four crimes in nine years and added: “It has really upset me and I want to pack it in.”

Mrs Blamire’s concerns were raised as the Hodgsons were locked up last month for a spree around Chesterfield in October.

The father pleaded guilty to two burglaries and an attempted raid and had 11 offences taken into consideration. His son admitted two burglaries and had three offences taken into consideration. They also wrote letters of apology.

Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said a woman who was a victim during the spree was woken at her Hasland home after offenders stole her TV and laptop. Sarah Brown, for Hodgson senior, said his benefits had been cut before the offences. Joe Harvey, for Hodgson junior, said he had mental health problems and had shown remorse.