Glossop getaway driver paid in fish

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A Glossop getaway driver was paid off with a tray of salmon, a court heard.

Andrew Spencer pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods and was sentenced at High Peak Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The 43-year-old said he thought he was giving his friend a lift to do his food shopping, when he parked at Aldi, on Arundel Street, at about 3pm on October 18.

Spencer, of John Kennedy Road, Hyde, claimed he did not realise his accomplice had been shoplifting until he returned to the car shouting “Go!”.

The goods, valued at £163.88, included a crate of 12 bottles of whisky, a box of tinned salmon and some milk.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said following the incident, the defendant drove his friend home to Hattersley, who then presented him with the canned fish.

Ian Baker, defending, said of his client: “He was parked in his own vehicle in Aldi car park. He didn’t realise an offence was about to happen.

“He realises by the demeanour of his associate that something was amiss. It was foolhardy to drive away and he accepted the proceeds rather foolishly.”

Addressing Spencer, chairman of the Bench Neil Broadbent asked: “How daft do you feel standing in front of us and getting yourself involved in something like this after all these years?” He was fined £185 and was ordered to pay court costs of £85 and a £20 victim surcharge.