Fury over RSPCA ‘inaction’ on dying horse dumped in rubbish heap

Animal lovers are outraged after the awful news that a horse was left to die in a pile of rubbish after being dumped by fly-tippers.

The culprits have been branded ‘vile’ ‘evil’ ‘sick’ and ‘horrible creatures’ after the second horse was found dumped in the area in the past month.


SHOCKING IMAGES: Dead horse ‘fly-tipped’ in rubbish dump

The RSPCA has taken flack from commenters on Facebook, many of whom say the charity should have attended as soon as the report was made of an injured house, instead following up the next day.

Tara Curtis commented: “No one came to put the horse out of pain! That poor horse suffered all night! RSPCA should have been there straight away not this morning.”

Tony Perrin was distressed as he told of finding the horse in agony.

Tony Perrin was distressed as he told of finding the horse in agony.

Cara Morris said: “The police knew about it a 8.30pm and informed the RSPCA....but yet theRSPCA only went out this afternoon?

Gaynor Seal said: “Poor little pony, evil evil scumbags and let down by authorities who could and should have ended its suffering sooner.”

Shirley Adkins said: “RSPCA yet again not responding this poor little soul should not have died in pain and like this I’m heartbroken to think some evil being could do such a thing.”

Lucie Gumise stood up for the charity. She said: “They were on another emergency call....they asked the police to attend and they would have dispatched her too. They are not who’s to blame for this poor horse’s terrible death. It’s the sick individual who dumped her amongst the rubbish, injured beyond all help, cold and alone.

“Instead of stirring up feelings towards the RSPCA direct your attention to finding the culprit.”

Julie Mccormick branded the culprits ‘sick, horrible creatures’.

She added: “The RSPCA should have come straight out and ended this poor foals suffering. I’m shocked and saddened to read they came out the day after. No way would I have left this poor animal to suffer in this way.”

The RSPCA said in a statement: “As our nearest available officer was 80 miles away dealing with an emergency, we requested that police send officers to the scene and, as well as giving advice over the phone, also urged them to contact a vet to attend to the horse urgently.

“Sadly, the officers later informed us that the colt - which we believe had suffered from a broken neck - died of his injuries before a vet could attend.

“The body was left at the site overnight and an RSPCA officer attended the following day to investigate the circumstances in which he was dumped at the scene. The local council arranged for the removal of the body.

“We would like to hear from anyone who may know where this horse came from or who may have seen anything suspicious in the area to contact us on our appeal line: 0300 123 8018.”