Former Chesterfield charity boss released under investigation - more than two years after arrest

Mike Hyman.
Mike Hyman.

The co-founder of a former Chesterfield charity and his wife have both been released under investigation - more than two years after they were arrested on suspicion of theft.

Mike Hyman, who helped set up Kids 'n' Cancer, and his wife June were arrested in March 2017.

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After they were arrested, the Charity Commission opened a statutory inquiry into Kids 'n' Cancer to 'assess serious concerns about its management and governance'.

The Charity Commission also froze Kids 'n' Cancer's bank accounts.

On Thursday, a Derbyshire Constabulary spokesperson told the Derbyshire Times that Mr and Mrs Hyman have both been released under investigation.

"Enquiries are ongoing," the spokesperson added.

If someone has been released under investigation by the police, it essentially means the investigation is ongoing and that the individual will be notified 'at some point' of the outcome of the investigation.

Mr Hyman co-founded Kids 'n' Cancer in 2010.

The charity's website stated: "We assist children in the UK suffering from mass tumour cancers to access potentially life-saving proton therapy treatment in the USA if appropriate to their condition."