EDITOR’S COMMENT: ‘Mindless Zombies’ who desecrated war memorial should be put in public stocks and pelted with rotten veg

CHESTERFIELD Borough Council Leader John Burrows has something of a reuptation for being an old school bruiser who doesn’t pull any punches –calls a spade a spade, if you will.

But for once the Labour stalwart missed trick this week when he branded those who have seen fit to desecrate a town war memorial as ‘mindless zombies’.

Politics aside, he’s almost right on this one, except he doesn’t go nearly far enough –and nor can I in this esteemed family newspaper.

If you see me in Chesterfield, ask me how it made me feel to see this act of crass vandalism upon the sacred wall dedicated to the fallen. It makes me sick.

I suspect that whoever has taken it upon themselves to spray their moronic ‘gang tag’ all around Chesterfield has absolutely no idea that they have piqued the town’s ire to the point that they’re now public enemy number one, and we will not allow them to get away with it.

My instincts tell me that the person responsible probably has no idea that what they’ve done sullies the memory of the men who have given their lives over to enable scum like them to wander the streets to do as they please.

If they are indeed from this town, the chances are they will have a family member or a friend who has fought for or is fighting for Queen and country. I wonder what they will think of this person’s antics?

So if you know who has done this, tell the police. Even better, tell me and I’ll campaign for them to be put in stocks in the market square for Cestrefeldians to queue up and hurl rotten veg at them...for a week!

Better still would be that the person calls the Derbyshire Times to apologise to the town, and explain what was going through their head as they went about their pathetic little game.

by James Mitchinson