Drunk man drove three miles with a missing wheel

Law and order
Law and order

A DRUNKEN motorist drove three miles in a car with a missing wheel during an ill-fated trip to buy cigarettes, a court heard.

Chesterfield magistrates were told Adam Truman snatched car keys from his partner, care worker Jessica England, following a row and took her Ford Ka without permission.

He drove to Underwood, where the car struck a kerb and the front offside tyre deflated. He continued driving home to Ironville after the wheel came off.

Truman (29) woke Ms England up after midnight, saying he wanted to get his fishing tackle from the boot of her car.

She got up to remove the equipment and he grabbed the keys, got into the car and drove away.

“He returned 40 minutes later and the front driver’s side wheel was missing and there was a lot of damage on the driver’s side,” said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

“There was a line in the road outside the house where the brake disc had dug into it. A police officer followed the scoring marks in the road to Jacksdale and then on to Westwood and Underwood.

“The marks crossed the centre lines in the road on several occasions.”

Truman, of Elizabeth Park, Ironville, was arrested and gave a reading of 101mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath - almost three times the 35mcgs limit.

He admitted charges of drink-driving, aggravated vehicle-taking and driving without insurance and a full licence on August 7.

The justices said they had considered locking him up but they instead imposed 200 hours unpaid work and a one-year probation supervision order.

They also banned him from driving for 26 months, with £85 costs.

Steve Brint, for Truman, said he had a row with his partner before she went to work. When she returned home he was drunk and she refused to drive him to a shop to buy cigarettes.

He took her keys from her handbag and drove to Selston and then Underwood in search of a shop that was open late. He did a U-turn and a tyre burst and he could not find gear to fit the spare wheel.

“His girlfriend needed the car for work the next morning and he panicked and tried to drive it home. He knew the tyre was flat but he didn’t know the wheel was missing,” said Mr Brint.

He told the court that Truman, a volunteer at Ashfield Wildlife Centre, had been drinking more since losing his job three months ago and realised he needed to change his lifestyle.