Drug dealer given a chance to change


A drug dealer was caught after trying to hide cannabis in a purse and handing it to a trader in Alfreton.

Derby Crown Court heard this month how Liam Eyre was arrested soon after the incident.

Alex Wolfson, prosecuting, said Eyre approached a stall holder in May and picked up a purse the woman trader had for sale and put cannabis inside.

Mr Wolfson said: “She asked what it was and he didn’t answer and left looking worried. She looked inside and saw a bag of cannabis.”

During a search of Eyre room’s in a hostel, police also found four bags of cannabis and a mobile phone with details of drug activity.

On his phone, a text message asked: “Are you still doing two grams for £10?”. And another asked for cannabis to be supplied “on tick” saying the user would pay when he “got dollar from my grandma”.

Eyre, formerly of Alfreton, was given bail but was later caught in the street with cannabis and the drug mcat tucked down his trousers on High Street, Alfreton. He admitted supplying drugs and possessing drugs with intent to supply to others.

Eyre, 20, now of Porterhouse Road, Derby, was sentenced to fifteen months’ detention, suspended for two years.

Dean Bower, mitigating, said Eyre was supplying friends which allowed him to buy drugs for himself and to pay for heating at the hostel where he was staying.

Eyre had moved out of Alfreton and hopes to join the Army.

Mr Bower added: “He has stopped using drugs and has rejected the drugs culture that he seemed to be part of. He is looking after his health. He trains for fitness and is interested in the martial arts.”

Recorder Sarah Wright told Eyre there are signs he has started to change his life.