Derbyshire teenagers nominated for bravery award after rugby tackling wanted man

Two Derbyshire teenagers said they felt like “superheroes” after they chased down a wanted man and rugby tackled him to the floor – while DRUNK.

Monday, 21st January 2019, 10:51 am
Updated Monday, 21st January 2019, 10:59 am
Denim-Jay Swainston and Oliver Morecroft.

Oliver Morecroft, 19, and Denim-Jay Swainston, 19, have been nominated for bravery awards by police after they helped officers apprehend a suspect.

The pair had been drinking in pubs around their hometown of Long Eaton, on December 3 – ending up at The Oxford, in Market Place.

Watch moment two friends help Derbyshire police by rugby tackling wanted manThey were walking home at around 1am when they saw a man running while police shouted for him to stop.

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Denim-Jay Swainston and Oliver Morecroft.

They immediately sprang into action and chased the suspect, who was wanted for a string of offences.

Oliver eventually got hold of him in the middle of a road over a canal in the town centre, and forced him to the floor.

Oliver, currently out of work, and Denim, who works at Marks & Spencer, held him down until officers arrived moments later – who thanked the pair for their help.

Derbyshire Police later posted a public appeal to find the two friends, who have known each other since primary school.

The wanted man had run off from officers but was rugby tackled to the ground by Oliver and Denim

After Oliver and Denim got in touch, they were told they had been nominated for bravery awards.

Oliver said: “We were over a bridge on the canal – we had just finished drinking for the night. It was around 1am.

“We were just looking at the canal, enjoying ourselves when we saw a flashing light and heard ‘stop, police’.

“We looked at each other and jumped into action.

“The man who was running was trying to get to a cut-off – I went there first but he got past me.

“I chased him into the middle of the road, got my arm around his neck and pulled him down.

“A policeman told us to get off him. We got up and he thanked us.

“The police were very grateful – they came up and thanked us.

“They have now told us we have been nominated for a bravery award.

“We would encourage anyone in the same situation to do the same – if you have the ability to, get involved.

“The man we chased was around 20 to 22. We were told he had violent tendencies.

“We were drunk.

“Quite a few vehicles turned up afterwards. We were like superheroes.”