Daft and dodgy North-East Derbyshire drivers caught on camera

Pictured here are some North-East Derbyshire’s most moronic motorists – caught on camera by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 2:59 pm

Drivers shown have committed offences ranging from abandoning a car on a busy dual carriageway to taking a a cherry picker for a joyride.

Some of the area's most moronic motorists caught on camera
Bolsover, March 8. The two "rapscallions" blurred in this photo decided to steal this cherry picker and take it for a drive. Police tweeted: "One arrested and one escaped. #OpDerbyshire #Crime #Strange"

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Bolsover, April 29 Police tweeted: "Driving around like this and being pointed out to us by members of public. Driver failed to see the issue. Ticketed and made to remove the load."
Chesterfield, June 4. Police say their car was seized after they were found to be uninsured and not licensed to drive.
Bolsover, March 26. The drunk motorist behind the wheel of this mangled vehicle was still driving it when they were pulled over. Police tweeted: "Words fail us. Driver arrested who is also wanted on warrant by @syptweet for harassment."
Chesterfield, March 26. The driver of the Fiesta had crashed into an oncoming car, fled and abandoned the vehicle but had the care-faced cheek to return to the scene for his "work tools". Police tweeted: "Selfish. Drunk - blows 66 roadside. Arrested. #Fatal4 #OpDerbyshire"
Chesterfield, May 22. Police tweeted: "Driver of this Focus sees our Discovery behind him, gets nervy and pulls into car park. No driving licence. #Seized #OpDerbyshire"
Chesterfield, May 9 This Skoda failed to stop after being caught above the speed limit. Police tweeted: "Located in the favourite haunt of Tesco car park. Reported for speeding and failing to stop. #Fatal4"
Chesterfield, March 21. The driver of this vehicle - broken down on the A617 - locked it up and left it on the brow of a national speed limit dual carriageway. Police tweeted: "Recovered at owners expense. #OpDerbyshire"
Killamarsh, March 16. This BMW driver parked on a pedestrian crossing despite there being parking spaces within 50 yards. Police tweeted: "Fine and points issued to this driver. Expensive sandwich."
Hasland, Apri 23. Seen driving on the wrong side of the road then clips the kerb then comes to a stop on a zebra crossing. Derbyshire Police tweeted: "What could possibly be the problem? Driver drunk, approaching three times the legal limit."
Police tweeted: "Overtaking a stream of vehicles at excess speed in a 30mph zone. "One of those happens to us in an unmarked car. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Ticket. #OpDerbyshire #ThingsYouLikeToSee"
This Mondeo was followed - driving dangerously - from Clowne to Duckmanton. The vehicle was linked to a male wanted for multiple thefts. After a foot chase the driver was caught and arrested and found with "a revoked licence, no insurance, on drugs, in possession of drugs and found with number plates stolen overnight. #Crime #Seized"
Clay Cross, May 16. This car's driver was nearly three times over the limit when he left the pub and crashed into a parked van within a few hundred yards
Calow, May 9. Police tweeted: "Rain + Too fast + Inexperienced driver = Fiat 500 upside down. Driver and two passengers taken to hospital with cuts and bruises."