Curfew for thief with drugs

A BOLSOVER man is under house arrest at night after being convicted of dishonesty and drugs offences.

James Warburton walked away with plastic storage boxes on display outside the town’s Factory Shop on August 9.

The following day, Warburton was seen trying to sell a stolen satellite navigation system outside One Stop Shop in Carr Vale.

“He was arrested and he said he had been offered it for £10. He said he knew it was too good to be true and he was going to sell it for £20,” prosecutor Becky Mahon told Chesterfield magistrates.

She added that Warburton was later found to be carrying a small amount of amphetamine.

Warburton (25) of Charlesworth Street, Carr Vale, admitted charges of theft and possessing amphetamine. He asked for an offence of handling stolen goods to be considered. He was given a 10pm-7am curfew for two months and a one-year probation supervision order, with £36 compensation to Factory Shop. The drugs will be destroyed.

“He is trying to turn his life around since being released from prison,” said Matt Evans, for Warburton.

Probation officer Jerry Starnes said Warburton sold the boxes to buy food and pay a household bill. His amphetamine use was under control and he was on a methadone programme.