Creswell teen litter picks to say sorry for £300 crime

Police officer
Police officer

A teenager is carrying out community work in Creswell to apologise for causing damage to a garage.

Back in April, the 15-year-old was suspected of jumping on a garage roof on Duchess Street until it broke, causing £300 worth of damage.

The youngster admitted the damage and in agreement with the garage owner and his parents, PCSO Jennifer Salmon, of Derbyshire police, suggested the offence be dealt with under the Restorative Justice scheme.

The teenager, who cannot be identified because of his age, has met with the garage owner to apologise for his actions and has paid back the money for the damage he caused.

The boy is also currently undertaking ten hours of unpaid community work including volunteering at allotments near to the garage and litter picking around the village.

PCSO Salmon said: “This is a great example of how the Restorative Justice scheme can work to find a solution to suit the needs of everyone involved in a crime. The youngster has said he is sorry for his actions, undertaken voluntry community work and paid back the money in full for the damage.”

Restorative Justice was brought in by police in April 2009 to enable officers to use their professional judgment to resolve minor crimes swiftly and in accordance with the victims’ wishes.

Superintendent Terry Branson, who led the project’s roll-out within Derbyshire Constabulary, said: “Restorative Justice is about using common sense.”

The crime is recorded as usual but dealt with in a more proportionate way, without the case going through the court process.