Community takes action on speeding

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SEVEN motorists have been clocked speeding in the latest checks by Community Speed Watch volunteers in Calver, Hathersage and Bradwell.

Community Speed Watch volunteers spent time monitoring the traffic during three checks in the past week on the A623 at Calver, the A6187 at Hathersage and on Main Road, Bradwell.

All seven motorists were all found to be breaking the 30mph limit in Hathersage, no drivers were found to be speeding during the other two checks.

Letters will now be sent to those motorists found breaking the speed limit, advising them of their speed and requesting that they respect local speed limits.

Drivers are also warned that if they caught breaking the speed limit again then they may face a fine and points on their licence.

PCSO Anthony Boswell, of the Hathersage Area SNT said: “It is always pleasing when we carry out checks and find all motorists to be driving safely. However, it is clear that it is still important to encourage drivers to have respect for the legal speed limits and consideration of the safety for local residents.”

The watch was set up in the area in 2010 by the Hathersage Area Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, after local residents contacted them with concerns about speeding traffic.

As well as police spot checks, volunteers from the community are offered training on how to use the speed guns and then given the opportunity to come out and carry out checks alongside officers.

To contact the Hathersage Area Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, the new national police non-emergency number or email