Chesterfield woman ‘didn’t intend to stab partner’, court hears

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A woman who stabbed her partner in the neck has told a jury she did not intend to do it.

An emotional Terri-Anne Booker gave evidence at Nottingham Crown Court this afternoon on the third day of her trial.

Yesterday the jury heard “jealous” Booker attacked Damian Ridsdale, 32, after she found messages from his ex-partner on his mobile phone.

Booker denies wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm and unlawful wounding.

The court heard 29-year-old Booker and Mr Ridsdale had been out with friends on the night of Sunday, April 5, and returned to their home in Devon Drive, Brimington.

Mr Ridsdale fell asleep on the sofa and was awoken in the early hours of the following morning by Booker.

She told the court: “I looked through his phone and saw he’d been messaging her (his ex-partner).

“There was a message that said ‘sorry I forgot to text you yesterday, are you OK?’

“They’d obviously been speaking to each other and that upset me because he told me he didn’t have contact with her.

“I threw the phone on the sofa, told him I knew he’d been lying to me and said I wanted him out – I didn’t punch him, I didn’t grab him.

“He stood up and punched me in the side of my face.

“I went into the kitchen – I wanted to get the lead on my dog, get my coat, get some other things and go to my mum’s – and he followed me.

“I tried to get past him and he grabbed me by the throat.

“At some point I must have reached out to grab the cutlery drawer and it fell out on to the floor.

“I don’t remember picking up a knife but I did.

“He said ‘go on then, f***ing stick it in me’.

“I just wanted to get away from him but he wasn’t letting me get out.

“We ended up on the floor and I noticed he was bleeding and I panicked.”

Booker said she then ran to her mum’s house.

She added: “I never had any intention of using it (the knife) – I just thought it would scare him.

“I believe he knew I didn’t have any intention of using it as well or he would have legged it.”

Booker broke down in tears as she said: “It’s ripped my world apart.

“I’ve spent the last six months in jail, I’ve lost my son, I’ve lost my boyfriend.

“Life is pretty crap.”

Cross-examining Booker, prosecuting solicitor Sarah Knight said Booker “saw red” when she read the messages.

“You were on the attack the moment you saw them,” she added.

Booker said: “I was suspicious he was lying to me.

“I didn’t make a decision to stab him.”

The jury is expected to retire to consider its verdict on Monday.

The case continues.

Keep checking back for updates.

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