Chesterfield Tesco car park ‘drag-races’ to be stopped

Tesco Extra on Lockoford Lane in Chesterfield
Tesco Extra on Lockoford Lane in Chesterfield

‘Boy racers’ who have turned a supermarket car park in to a ‘race track’ could soon be banned in new measures announced by police.

Residents cheered when officers announced plans were in the pipeline to install speed humps in Tesco car park on Lockoford Lane, Chesterfield, during a meeting.

Reckless young drivers have been making life a misery for residents, claimed officers, during the Chesterfield Borough Council’s community assembly at Whittington Green School, last Tuesday.

Councillor for the area, Keith Brown, said : “This is a useful and helpful step in curbing anti-social behaviour.

“Several people within the community have mentioned it as a problem so it is good to see that something is being done about it.

“Anywhere where there is anti-social behaviour it affects people’s lives so I’m sure everybody will be very happy about this.”

Under the plans the main car park will be gated when the store is closed on Sunday at 4.00pm until it reopens on Monday at 6.00am.

Speed humps will also be installed within each aisle of the car park as well as between them.

Sergeant Lee Jones from the Newbold and Dunston safer neighbourhood policing team said: “The problem has been that it is an ideal place for racing.

“Some people have been disappointed with speed of the police response on this but we have spent a lot of time negotiating with the store’s management.

“It may be that the people who do this move somewhere else but we have achieved something and hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you all in that respect.”