Chesterfield shoplifter is given chance to rebuild his life


A shoplifter who admitted four thefts from two Chesterfield stores has been given a chance to turn his life around.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, January 28, how Andrew Rimmer, 63, of no fixed address, struck at Poundland, on Middle Pavement, and at Primark, on Market Place.

Rimmer admitted stealing chocolate, biscuits, diet coke and a sandwich from Poundland and admitted stealing 20 DVDs from Primark.

Prosecuting solicitor Mike Law said: “He was stopped during offences at Poundland by staff and was caught on CCTV during one offence at Primark.”

Rimmer pleaded guilty to the three thefts from Poundland committed in December and January and the theft from Primark committed in December.

Defence solicitor Philip Bloor said: “Mr Rimmer has been an addict for some 30 years and this appears to be stress-related and when stressed he resorts to his addictions.

“He has been on legal highs and he took some recently because he has been getting stressed about coming to court.

“The pattern is that he spends his benefits on highs and then goes into Poundland and takes cheap items because he has no money.

“He’s getting help from Hope Springs centre and he is probably going to get accommodation through the council.”

Magistrates told Rimer that they believed he deserved help.

They sentenced Rimmer to a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered him to pay £6 compensation.