CHESTERFIELD: Guitarist’s woe after road crash nightmare


A talented musician has been left unable to play the guitar following a horror crash.

Rob Pilmore had to undergo reconstructive surgery on his right hand after the two-car collision on the Skull and Crossbones bridge at Brimington Road in Chesterfield.

The devastated 25-year-old, of Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, has been told he may never have full use of his fingers again.

He said: “The cost could easily have been a greater one and I thank my lucky stars that I’m still here and able to tackle the long road to recovery.

“I’m a determined individual and am going to do my damnedest with extensive physiotherapy to get back to doing the things I love – like playing the guitar.

“Some days it’s hard not to feel down about the slim chances of making a full recovery as performing is my first and lifelong love.”

A total of six casualties – including Rob and his partner Felicity Merrin – were rushed to hospital after the incident on Sunday, May 19.

Felicity, 31, who suffered whiplash and bruising, said: “It was a terrifying experience – I’ve already started having nightmares about crashes.

“I’m very nervous about being in cars now.

“This collision has changed the course of our lives.”

The couple thanked all the emergency personnel who came to their aid following the crash.