Chesterfield councillor calls for action after being 'threatened' by 'aggressive' youths near old courthouse

A Chesterfield councillor says he was 'threatened' by a group of youths who were trying to break into the old magistrates' court last night.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 12:54 pm
Picture taken by Councillor Ed Fordham.

Lib Dem councillor for Brockwell, Ed Fordham, is now calling for the old courthouse to be made a 'priority' to stop it from being a 'vandalism playground'.

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Coun Fordham said there was about 12 youths in the area and he was approached in a 'threatening and aggressive way' by the group.

"I tonight rang the police emergency 999 reporting that there was a group of youths seeking to break into the magistrates' court, in West Bars, Chesterfield," he wrote on Facebook.

"I rang 999 again saying that having chased them off they had returned as a large group and were approaching me in a threatening and aggressive way.

"I eventually retreated, tweeted out my situation to provide some personal safety for myself and then decided to leave. I went to a ward meeting with a community group - but have not had any kind of contact from the police, despite reporting that I was being approached in a threatening way by the group of about 12 - 9 male and 3 female.

Picture taken by Councillor Ed Fordham.

"I took pictures and a video of them fleeing and attacking the magistrates' court. These can be available to the police but they have not been asked for.

"I am home and fine but a little shaken up. It is clear that the magistrates' court needs to be actioned as a priority for the council to achieve itself as a housing site and not a vandalism playground. Letting it sit and rot and playing a waiting game for the hope of a planning application for housing has done the town no good at all. We need to act and tackle buildings like this and police response and care needs to improve."