CHESTERFIELD: Bin Laden abuse lands yob in court

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NEWS: News.

A loud-mouthed offender who racially insulted a man in the street by calling him Bin Laden after the deceased Al Qaeda terrorist has admitted it was stupid and immature.

Steven Taylor, 22, of St Augustine’s Avenue, Chesterfield, was a passenger in a passing car when he shouted the insult at pedestrian Baljit Singh as he was walking along Boythorpe Avenue, in the town, according to a Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing on Monday, June 17.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Mahon said: “Mr Singh was walking to his car and using a mobile phone and saw a red car with four or five people in it.

“Taylor was a passenger in the car and the female driver was putting her hand over his face but he pulled it away and shouted ‘Bin Laden’.”

The court heard how Mr Singh took the car registration and informed police who traced the vehicle which was owned by Taylor’s girlfriend and they tracked down Taylor.

Miss Mahon explained Mr Singh had been offended after the incident in March. Taylor pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour that was racially aggravated. He told the court: “It was stupid and immature and I was trying to show off in front of my girlfriend. It will never happen again.”

Magistrates fined Taylor £37 and he must pay £50 compensation, £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.