CCTV shows terrifying moment masked gang member attacked dad outside his own home - with a MACHETE

This is the terrifying moment a masked gang member attacked a dad outside his own home - with a MACHETE.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 4:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 4:34 pm
The gang tried to steal Andrew Birch's car but the alarm sounded so he went out to investigate and was then attacked with a machete

Shocking CCTV footage from the scene shows three men approach the home of Andrew Birch, 41, on Sunday, April 7 at around 10.40pm.

The gang attempt to break into father-of-two Andrew's car before the alarm sounded - prompting him to leave his home in Rotherham to investigate.

As he ran to confront the gang, one of them can be seen sprinting past him while another swings a machete at his head.

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The gang tried to steal Andrew Birch's car but the alarm sounded so he went out to investigate and was then attacked with a machete

Fortunately, Andrew narrowly swerved the attack before the gang - who are yet to be apprehended - ran off empty-handed.

His car has since been recovered by police to comb the vehicle for fingerprints and DNA.

Andrew, a railway high output supervisor, said: "The weekend was the worst I have had in my life, it was my dad's funeral two days before the incident so I was feeling lost and confused when it was happening.

"I was in the conservatory on the back of my house when my wife came in from the front and said she could hear banging and as she said this we heard an alarm.

"I looked on my CCTV and could see the car alarm going off, that is when I went outside.

"We still haven’t got the car back and the wife doesn’t really want it back as she is scared it will happen again.

"We have had things stolen out of the car and had to cancel weekend holidays away in our caravan.

"As I work nights on the railway I have had to have time off as I was scared to leave my wife and children in the house on there own."

The machete-wielding assailant is described as white, in his late 20s, wearing a light grey hoodie pulled up around his face and dark tracksuit bottoms.

Police are now investigation any potential links between this incident and a carjacking in Rotherham just minutes later in which a man’s hand was severed.

A 25-year-old man suffered a ‘life-changing arm injury’ and had his car stolen after being attacked by a gang of men at around 10.50pm the same evening.

Police said the man, who was travelling alone in a white Mercedes Benz C220, briefly pulled over and as he got out the car, he was approached by a group of unknown men and attacked with a metal weapon.

The attackers, who got out of a dark blue coloured vehicle, then left the scene in the victim’s Mercedes.

The driver's hand was severed in the violence however a surgeon was later able to re-attach it at hospital.

An investigation is underway and detectives are looking at potential links between the incident in the Holly Crescent area and the carjacking in East Bawtry Road the same evening.