Cannabis man fined

A MAN accused of hanging around a school with bags of cannabis told a court police had got their geography wrong.

Chesterfield magistrates heard James Edge, of Sheffield Road, Killamarsh, was astride a motorbike near to where officers found three males sitting on a fence behind Killamarsh Junior School.

The police were investigating a tip-off about alleged drug-dealing at 3.20pm on March 11.

Edge was searched and four small plastic bags containing cannabis were seized, said Sarah Haslam, prosecuting.

She added: “He was arrested and he said: ‘I don’t sell it’.

“He said he bought the cannabis in Sheffield earlier that day to use for the weekend and he was only talking to the other youths.

“The other three had no drugs.”

Edge, appearing in court on his 20th birthday, admitted possessing cannabis with an estimated value of £55.

He was cautioned by South Yorkshire Police in January for possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Edge, of Sheffield Road, Killamarsh, told the court: “I was in a car park at the back of my house near the Juniors working men’s club.

“I don’t want you to think I smoke drugs around the school because I’m not that kind of person.

“I was half a mile away from the school.”

Magistrates told Edge that they had considered locking him up but, after studying a map of Killamarsh, they accepted he was not caught with drugs near the school.

They fined him £85, with £85 costs, and ordered that the cannabis be destroyed.