Cannabis dealer is jailed after cops’ raid

Derby Crown Court
Derby Crown Court

A cannabis smoker was jailed for five months after selling the drug in Alfreton.

Derby Crown Court heard on October 23 how the business was uncovered when police raided Clayton Peters’ home, finding £230 cash and cannabis which could have fetched £2,000 on the streets.

Judge Michael Fowler said Peters had failed to co-operate with probation officers.

He ordered Peters, 22, to disclose details of bank accounts and any items worth over £100. These could be confiscated at a hearing in January.

Jobless Peters pleaded guilty to having a class B drug with intent to supply.

The judge told Peters: “You have not co-operated with the probation service in a way which would help me to judge whether it would be right whether to suspend sentence.”

Quentin Robbins, mitigating, said: “He had his own problems with cannabis and was using substantially. He was using and supplying others of the same ilk.”

Probation officers found “no anti-social traits,” added Mr Robbins. Jonathan Straw, prosecuting, said the raid took place in October last year at the defendant’s home on Byron Avenue, Alfreton. Officers found nine ounces of cannabis, a set of scales, plastic bags and £230 cash. He told the court: “The value of the cannabis, when constituted in deals, is in the region of £2,000.”