Campaign to stamp out arson and dog fouling in Bolsover district

Bolsover District Councillor Brian Murray-Carr
Bolsover District Councillor Brian Murray-Carr

A new task force is being set up by Bolsover District Council to tackle dog fouling, littering, fly-tipping and deliberate fires.

Over the past few months there has been an increase in complaints so Councillor Dennis Kelly, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Councillor Brian Murray-Carr, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, will be co-ordinating the new task force.

The task force will bring together officers from the council and other partners such as police and the fire service to address issues and combat increasing concern.

Councillor Brian Murray-Carr said: “This simply cannot carry on. A minority of people seem intent on deliberately flouting the law and causing damage to our countryside, towns and villages. Well, this stops and it stops now.”

The task force will make sure incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently so the problem cannot escalate.

There will be: Plans for regular meetings and communication between officers targeting problems; Councillors and staff are all being made aware of their responsibilities and must report incidents promptly when they are out on business; A new online services website will been launched so people can report problems at the touch of a button; Regular partner meetings to identify problem areas; The Council’s CAN Rangers will continue their patrols; Raise awareness of the problems by holding regular education and awareness days and taking the toughest possible stance and enforcement against culprits.

Police and the council are also urging residents to report problems for the task force to target.

Cllr Kelly said: “We need people to report problems and to help identify culprits so we can stop them. If you see an incident or a problem, please just pick up a mobile phone, click on our website and report it.”

The task force also aims to talk to landlords to ensure they fulfil their responsibilities to discourage firebugs attacking disused buildings and starting fires on wasteland.

To report problems visit or call (01246) 242424.