Alfreton shoplifter is given a second chance

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

A thief was caught stealing a teaspoon from a Tesco store after he said he had been considering buying a cutlery set for his mother.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday, November 24, how Hayden Walker, 23, of Rodgers Lane, Alfreton, was seen removing the spoon and then dumping the cutlery set on another shelf.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said: “He was observed on CCTV picking up a cutlery box set and taking a spoon from it and putting it in his pocket. He carried the cutlery set but put this on another shelf. The store manager confronted Walker as he went to leave and the defendant said he had not taken anything but then said I will give you £2 for the spoon and said he didn’t want any problems.

“He offered to pay and said he didn’t want ‘s**t’ from the police and didn’t want to go back to prison.”

The court heard how police were called but Walker had left the store before they arrived.

However, Walker attended a police station voluntarily and he said he had noticed a cutlery set his mum liked and because he owed her money he had considered buying it for her but claimed the set was missing a spoon and he had put it back.

But Walker later admitted and pleaded guilty to the theft of the spoon which happened on July 5. Defence solicitor Asif Munir said Walker had to be remanded in custody because the address he had originally given to police was a temporary one which is why he had failed to receive and respond to a court summons.

Magistrates sentenced Walker to a 12 month conditional discharge and warned if he commits a further offence he will be brought back and sentenced for this and re-sentenced for the theft. He must also pay a £15 victim surcharge.