Alfreton drug addict is given rehab opportunity

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NEWS: News.

A judge has taken sympathy on a drug addict by giving him a community order with a rehabilitation programme after he was caught with cannabis and a knife.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Thursday, November 13, how James Tatham, 31, of Chesterfield Road, Alfreton, admitted possessing cannabis and a Stanley knife in public and breaching a conditional discharge for a previous offence.

Defence solicitor Chris Hallas said: “He had stayed out of trouble for a long time and in June he suffered the breakdown of a relationship with a partner with whom he has four children.”

The probation service said Tatham was contacted to collect his property and he failed to consider having the knife in his possession because he had no where to leave it and said the drugs were for his own use.

Tatham has an established pattern of drug abuse and previous convictions related to thefts and having offensive weapons, according to the probation service who said he needs to address his drug abuse to avoid re-conviction.

The probation service also said Tatham had no intention of using the knife for unlawful purposes.

They explained he has been using heroin but has been on a course with heroin substitute methadone thanks to support group Addaction.

District Judge Andrew Davison sentenced Tatham to a nine month community order with supervision and a drug rehabilitation requirement and a £110 fine, £230 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.