Action promised against off-road bikers in Hollingwood and Staveley – with residents ‘struggling to cope’

Off-road bikers have been plaguing residents in Staveley and the surrounding areas – but police and councillors have said they are working to solve the issue.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 4:10 pm

Paul Mann, leader of Staveley Town Council, said that off-road biking was becoming a problem across Staveley, Inkersall and Hollingwood.

He said: “The bigger picture is that it’s not just Hollingwood, it’s Staveley and Inkersall too. I’ve got a meeting with the police, and they’ve requested the CCTV and phone footage that residents have been passing on to me – it is being dealt with.

“The problem is that Staveley Works is the Duke of Devonshire’s land, and we can’t just kick them off. We all know that they’re unlikely to have permission to ride there, but there’s not a lot that can be done until the police are told by the landowner to get shut of them.

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A still from a video submitted to the Derbyshire Times shows a biker swearing at a local walker as he speeds past.

“The police are trying to catch them as they come off the site and onto the roads, but it’s difficult as they’re going back off-road as soon as they see the police.

“I’ve asked the town clerk to write to the estate managers for the Duke of Devonshire to confirm that the riders don’t have permission to ride there – once we get that, the police can begin to enforce it.”

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Hollingwood householders plagued by sound of “buzzing” off-road bikes

Residents have contacted the Derbyshire Times to express their concerns about the bikers. An Inkersall resident, who asked to remain anonymous, submitted a video of off-roaders on the Transpennine Trail. Using motorbikes on the trail is illegal, but three riders can be seen speeding past the resident – one of whom swears at her while she is recording.

A Hollingwood resident, who also asked to remain anonymous, said that she was struggling to cope with the noise, and that she was often scared to walk along the canal.

“It’s a complete disturbance – the noise is horrendous. It’s quite scary when you’re down there and they’re flying around – they’re not just doing 20mph, they’re going a lot faster than that.

“We’ve had previous incidents of them riding their bikes at people, and people who have reported it, and their children, have been targeted by them.

“I don’t want to stop young people having a good time – I think there should be something in place where they can go and use a certain piece of land, at a certain time, so it’s fair for everyone. We’re getting it from morning till night at the moment, and you’re sat there thinking you can’t cope with.”

She added that someone would eventually be injured, and said she was worried that the problem would worsen throughout the summer.

“Someone will eventually get seriously hurt – whether it’s these young people on these bikes, driving without helmets or protection, or the young children and dog walkers down there.

“If people don’t speak up, it will get progressively worse throughout the summer – this is only the beginning.

Sergeant Matthew Adams, who leads the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Staveley, previously told the Derbyshire Times: “My team have been carrying out extra patrols in place to combat the issues being seen in the area.

“Anyone who witnesses riding of this nature is asked to contact the force as soon as possible to ensure that officers have the most up to date information which will inform their patrols, as well any ongoing work in the area.”