Crime falls to new low

Residents have backed up the data and said they do feel safe in the county.

Paul Wibberley, 26, of Chesterfield said: “It’s pretty safe because there’s quite a lot of police officers about.”

Catherine Greaves, 57, of Clowne added: “I haven’t witnessed anything that would make me think it’s not safe,” and Grace Dowce, 45, of Belper said: “Derbyshire is a safe place to live because it is full of friendly neighbours who help you out if you’re stuck.”

Derbyshire Times Facebook friend Liz Watkin said: “I moved here from Rotherham 11 years ago. I’ve always felt safe in Chesterfield.”

But Tracy Hartshorn questioned the figures and Helen Howard added: “Depends on the time of day but when you hear of muggings in town centre in the middle of the day I must admit I get worried.”