Crews called to mysterious site in Derbyshire

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Keep checking our website for the latest news.

Firefighters have been called to a mysterious and ancient site in Derbyshire.

Crews attended Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor near Bakewell shortly after 7pm yesterday.

The Nine Ladies Stone Circle.

The Nine Ladies Stone Circle.

Firefighters said they extinguished 'two seats of fire' by using water backpacks.

The English Heritage website states the monument is an early Bronze Age stone circle.

The website adds: "In common with many other stone circles, little evidence has been uncovered to suggest why this stone circle was built and how it was used.

"Suggestions include a place for ceremony or burial, a perceived link between the earth and the sky and the living and the dead or a meeting place for seasonal events.

"Such monuments may have had many functions, their uses and perceived significance shifting over time."

The site is a popular venue for pagan worship, particularly around the time of the solstices.

Despite the name, there are 10 stones within the circle.

The tenth - which has fallen and now lies flat - was located in 1977.