Credit where it’s due: Hospital care is top notch

Last Friday week, thinking I was going in for a routine cardiac appointment at Chesterfield Royal, it was decided by the consultant that I should be admitted for tests for a couple of days. I was a little apprehensive and was not very keen as I have previously been in a different hospital and to say the least it was not the best experience.

As soon as I arrived on the Markham ward I was asked if I had eaten and immediately given a choice of sandwiches and a cold drink by very attentive staff.

They were very friendly and in under five minutes I had a bed, had my blood pressure taken, bloods taken, temperature checked and been given food.

Throughout my stay the staff were lovely and could not do enough. The food was of excellent quality and the ward was very very clean.

Cleaners came twice every day and the ward was spotless. Calls for nurses were answerered in a few minutes and the staff were efficient and friendly.

Elderly patients on the ward were treated very well and in just two days I saw physiotherapists, dieticians and occupational therapists. Patients were cleaned promptly and were moved often to prevent bed sores.

Care assistants were smiley and were always keen to help and I was asked very regularly ‘was I ok’ and ‘was I in pain’?

Doctors were prominent and arrived early helping patients to be discharged promptly when well.

The tea man was lovely – singing and smiling cheering everyone up, even bringing in special coffee for me to try – a real gem of a man!

They were very organised everything was recorded promptly and staff were well informed about the patients.

The pharmacist came round to check what drugs everyone was taking and this was double checked.

The NHS is often called into disrepute and criticised which is what compelled me to write this letter.

No one wants to be in hospital but I can honestly say that the ward was exemplary and that credit should be given to the good work that they are doing.

Klara Jeyes

Via email