Crafty Chesterfield youngster raises cash for Ashgate Hospice

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After seeing her auntie’s boyfriend lose his battle to cancer one eight-year-old is giving back to the hospice that helped him.

Jacie Haggith, has already dealt with death at such a young age after Mark Livesley died in 2012, however he left such an impression on her that she is now making Santa keys and reindeer dust to sell to raise money to help the cancer support charity.

Her mum, Claire Titmuss, 27, said: “She said back in September that she wanted to so something to help the people who helped Mark and we came up with the idea of Christmassy gifts.”

So far Jacie, from Whitmore Avenue in Grassmoor, has raised £300 by selling the gifts that are priced between £1 and £3.

“She has worked so hard on this,” said Claire, “she comes in after school and after her homework will spend ages making the keys for people, and you can tell she is really enjoying herself and I’m so proud of her for being so self-less.”

Over the weekend Claire and Jacie will be attending the Christmas market at Charlie’s Bar in Claycross from 12pm.

Claire said: “She has been working her socks off for this and I want people to come out and support the girl supporting Ashgate.”