Council’s field fence row over dog mess

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A FURIOUS resident has complained about a council plan to put up a fence and locked gates around a community sports field in an effort to protect the area from dog mess.

Clowne Parish Council has had a planning application for the fence at Villa Park, on Recreation Close, in the village, granted conditionally by Bolsover District Council.

But resident Rebecca Roe who walks and cleans up after her dogs on the field has slammed the council because she feels the majority of responsible dog walkers, youngsters and elderly people who enjoy the area will suffer.

Rebecca said: “This is a community area. I feel dog walkers are being punished for the actions of a few which is disgusting. When I walk on the field I see very little if any dog mess at all but what I do find is a lot of waste and bottles left by footballers and their spectators.”

Council chairman Karl Reid explained the field was becoming damaged by motorbikers and cars as well as many different types of unhygienic litter in addition to dog mess so it is necessary to protect the site with fencing.