Council must think carefully before spending £5 million on roundabout

Several months ago I had a meeting with the town’s MP, with regards to Whittington Moor roundabout.

In my experience in other parts of the country with roads and traffic congestion, the best way was always proven to slow the traffic down and that then reduces accidents.

letter writing STOCK

letter writing STOCK

The example I used was on the A127 crossing the High Road in Essex. 
That too had a high accident rate on the roundabout. The council reduced the speed limit and imposed a speed camera on both sides. Straight away the accidents were few and far between, and hence a safer roundabout. Google the said junction and take a look for yourself.

I tried to explain this to the council and that this would be of less cost to the taxpayer. Perhaps you could try and get through to them and get them to see light before they start to spend £5million of our money.


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